Connecting Literacy and Employment through Essential Skills

Workbooks now available online!

“Connecting Literacy and Employment through Essential Skills” Project (May 2011)

Through a 2-year project (June 2009 to May 2011) Literacy Link South Central has developed a set of seven workbooks. These resources embed Essential Skill activities within employment-readiness tasks.  It’s our hope that the workbooks will help people build employability skills and literacy/Essential Skills simultaneously.

About the workbooks

These resources have been developed for people who want to look for employment while strengthening their Essential Skills.  These workbooks will be most successful if they are used in a facilitated group setting, as many exercises include working with other people. There are several computer-related activities so the users need access to a computer and the Internet.

The topics reflect the steps people take when looking for a job. For best results, these resources can be used as a series (1-7). But if someone doesn’t need the information in every workbook, a person can just choose the ones with the content that is right for him or her.

We hope these workbooks will help clients of employment and literacy programs move more quickly to fill labour market vacancies. Through stronger partnerships, employment preparation programs and literacy programs can work more collaboratively to build a productive Canadian workforce.

Accessing the workbooks online

These workbook are available for free below. At this site you will be able to download free copies of the workbooks or use them interactively.

Organizations are encouraged to copy these materials; however, reproducing these materials for a profit is prohibited. All website links were accurate at the time of printing.

Download interactive online workbooks here:

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This project was funded in part by the Government of Canada's Office of Literacy and Essential Skills   


Literacy Link South Central is a partner in Employment Ontario