Marketing, Engaging and Maintaining Youth

Tools for Youth Programming (ages 18-29) 

Through a recent Labour Market Partnership project, we explored how certain practices around marketing to youth and the corresponding programming can increase our success when working with youth.  During the time of this project, province-wide activities were happening to find out what youth wanted in literacy programming.  The resulting focus groups, pilot projects and research gave us an indication of how to attract youth to programs and how to develop “youth friendly” processes. 

At the beginning of this year, we asked Employment Ontario partners in our service area what questions they have of youth.  The questions they submitted were grouped into three categories:

  • Marketing to youth
  • Engaging youth
  • Maintaining youth 

These categories formed the approach to our youth focus groups and then became the titles of tools developed by Literacy Link South Central.

Marketing to Youth - Checklist

Marketing to Youth - Summary Report

Engaging Youth - Checklist

Engaging Youth - Summary Report

Maintaining Youth - Checklist

Maintaining Youth - Summary Report


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